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The VIA2502 is an advanced 2-channel power amplifier which combines high power density with superb audio performance in a lightweight, cost-effective package. Delivering 2×1250 watts into 2 ohms, or 1×2500 watts into 4 ohms bridged, it is ideal for powering BlacklineX, CDD and V.Series systems in small to medium-scale installations and portable sound applications.


Its high efficiency design reduces the energy drawn from the mains supply and ensures the power reserves needed to deliver superb sound in demanding environments with reliability and ease.

Comprehensive protection functions continuously monitor its performance to maintain safe operating conditions and full output capability in ambient temperatures up to 40°C.


For a wide variety of installations and portable situations, the VIA2502 is ideally partnered with the Martin Audio DX0.5 system processor. Larger installations will benefit from use with the DX4.0 processor with its onboard network capability and proprietary VU-NET software control.

VIA 2502

Available within a few days
    • Two channels of efficient Class D amplification
    • 2500 Watts total power output
    • 2U rack height
    • Exceptionally lightweight
    • Switch mode power supply
    • Variable speed cooling fan with front-to-back airflow
    • Global mains operation, 115V to 230V auto-sensing
    • Comprehensive protection systems
    • Signal and clip limiter LEDs

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