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Phase Essential offers the most powerful and reliable setup for all turntable DJs. With your digital needles, get back control of your performance!

This pack includes everything you need to start using Phase (2 Phase Remotes, 1 Phase Receiver, 1 USB Cable, 2 RCA cables & 4 Magnetic Stickers).

Phase Essential is compatible with any DJ software.

● Ready to use: includes cables and Magnetic stickers to maintain the Remotes on the records.

● Plug’n’Play with Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox and Virtual DJ.

● Free Serato DJ Pro HID upgrade included, with new custom features.

● Fits with any turntable and DVS setups (mixers, sound cards).

● Top-notch control for mixing and scratching with zero latency.

● Custom radio protocol ensuring a seamless signal quality in any situation.

● No more rumble: insensitive to vibrations due to heavy bass, crowds, etc.

● Up to 10 hour battery life per Remote.

● Customizable LED strips, can be used as a marker on the record.

● Robust and high quality aluminum built.

-> Minimal setup requirements: Mac OS 10.12 / Windows 10

-> Compatible DVS DJ Software: Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, Djay

-> Audio output: x2 RCA

-> 5V standard USB power supply

-> USB type B

-> Dimensions Phase Receiver : 25 x 124 x 77 mm

-> Dimensions Phase Remotes : 66 x 25 x 8,6 mm

-> Weight: 223 g

Phase Essentials

Available to pre order- will ship within 30 days

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